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With Listing – all can afford to participate in this Agribusiness Directory. You will also receive 2 complimentary copies of the Directory.

Listing (with and without Logo) : RM500.00 or RM450.00

For a minimum rate of RM500 (with Logo) or RM450 (without Logo), you can list your company in this Directory, which is a one-stop reference and contact on all aspects of Agriculture.  Whether you are new or well known in this agricultural and related industry, your presence will enable users (hard copy or digital) to contact you and not miss out on any potential sales.


Sample of Listings:

With Logo

Without Logo

Listing without Logo

Additional Listing (with and without Logo) : RM150.00 or RM100.00 per Listing (with logo and/or without logo).

For an amount of RM150 (with Logo) or RM100 (without Logo), you can list your company in other Product/Business category.

Example: Hextar that is listed under Agricultural Chemicals (RM500.00) is also listed under Fertilizers category (for an additional RM150.00).


Listing with Logo



Agricultural Chemicals Category






Opt In

Opt Out

Additional Listing with Logo


Fertilizer Category


Note: Additional Listing is optional product item. Customer has right to opt in or opt out Additional Listing.



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